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Practicing for the Future

Cellists practice for thousands of hours.

Infielders practice scooping up grounders over and over.

Paramedics practice when they will do when they arrive at the scene.

When stress/difficulty/disruption comes we will default to the training that has become automatic.

As a leader, how can you practice away from reactivity and towards creative leadership?

“There is a space between stimulus and response. And in that space lies our freedom and growth.” - Viktor Frankl

If you want to be more agile with your leadership of your organization, it’s important that you are agile in your conversation as well. It’s important that you practice those skills of tuning into the moment, being flexible, and being willing to let go, and ask “What’s the opportunity now?”

They will be more disruptions after COVID-19. More global ones, more societal ones, more in your organization and in your life.

How are you practicing so that you will be ready to adeptly ground yourself, pivot, and notice what is ripe in that moment?

We are actually practicing all the time.

The question is, as Adrienne Maree Brown asks, “What future are you practicing for?”

Adrienne Maree Brown is author of Emergent Strategy: Shaping Change, Changing Worlds

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