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Amplify Engagement

If you want impact and to reach your strategic goals, you need a high level of engagement from your team. Who are you and your team invited to be and become in order to have the impact you desire?


Together we can work and play to amplify engagement in your team by design - unlocking hidden resources and potential.


Catalyzing connection, resilience, and possibility through highly-interactive learning experiences that amplify your team's vitality and cohesiveness

Your plate is full, you care about your staff, and you want to amplify your teams impact. Where will you find the time to design and lead a retreat for them that they sorely need? ​David collaborates with you to design and facilitate a retreat that focuses on what needs attention and energy and that catalyzes connection, inspiration, and possibility. Our retreats aren’t just knowledge dumps, they are designed to provide opportunities for your people to connect deeply and playfully, shift mindsets, and learn/practice skills that are vital for your collective success.

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