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Team retreats

promoting connection, inspiration, resilience, reflection, imagination, and play

Train-the-Trainer Workshops 

bringing aliveness, energy, playfulness AND depth to your facilitation for lasting impact

1:1 Leadership Coaching

supporting director-level professionals who are juggling multiple stakeholder relationships, projects, personal life, and oh yeah - their own well-being.

Open Workshops and Courses

designing and facilitating innovative, highly-engaging, and nourishing workshops and courses on Zoom. (Do you doubt that it's possible?  Come find out!

More Info Coming Soon. Be patient : )

Team retreats

I design and facilitate team retreats that promote connection, inspiration, resilience, reflection, imagination, and play. And yes, I design and facilitate these expertly in the virtual space, leaving your staff energized and mobilized to take small, yet potent action steps to continue momentum forward.


Your plate is full, and you care about your staff. And yet where will you find the time to design and lead a retreat for them that they sorely need? My workshops:

  • are designed and facilitated so that all voices can be heard

  • allow staff to take responsibility for their learning and take next steps for their growth

  • are NOT webinars! They are highly-interactive and engaging which enables participants to wake up to their agency, responsibility, and possibility

  • are infused with the philosophy of applied improvisation which teaches us to become more agile, supportive, curious, creative discovering hidden resources emerging among us!

Train-the-Trainer Workshops 

My Train-the-Trainer Workshops and Retreats are for OD consultants and facilitators that want to bring more aliveness, energy, playfulness while at the same time reflection,  depth, and gravitas to their facilitation.


They are highly interactive and provide participants with the wealth of learning from the philosophy and practice of Liberating Structures and Applied Improvisation, to help you design to intentionally build engagement for your participants and to embody the creativity, agility, and collaborative habits we wish to promote.

When David works with a group, it’s like having a warm breeze blow through on a chilly day.  He brings an authentic openness and transparency that invites others to do the same.  Imagine transforming your stale meetings into joyous and challenging moments of learning and growth.  Dave’s got a way of weaving Applied Improv with savvy meeting design to create the kind of deep connection between team members that usually takes a long time to realize.  When he joined one of my key client teams at a large pharma company to introduce ways of making Zoom meetings more energizing, he left them longing for more!  Conversations about even deeper work began immediately.  Dave’s a master. Hire him and start playing at work and working at play!

Dave Schrader, PhD

Senior Partner

Full Circle Group, The Leadership Circle

1:1 Leadership Coaching

I was referred to David by a dear colleague, after hearing her explain the great work he did with her team. She told me how much he had helped them grow and then how she started working with David 1:1 as a coach. When I started working with David as my coach he immediately made me feel relaxed and provided an excellent space for me to learn and grow. This has resulted in real time work improvement. I would highly recommend David as a coach, shining a brilliant light into your corner and invite you to be your best self.

- Jennifer More, MN, RN, NPD=BC, Nursing Leadership, Peace Health, Vancouver, Washington

My Coaching is for Leaders who want to Dream Big and dig into their own growth and development. I primarily coach director-level professionals who are managing multiple stakeholder relationships and are attempting to juggle their load of projects, relationships, and their own personal life, well-being, and resilience.


I have both a grounded and playful approach to my coaching, focusing on building a trusting, resonant relationship as the solid and verdant foundation for continued growth and possibility to emerge.


I believe in the power of bringing the whole of our fully-resourced selves to the conversation. This includes our Future Self that is living their aspirations and are delighted to be in dialogue with us.


 I am inspired by the work of Richard Boyatzis, Melvin Smith, and Ellen van Oosten (Coaching With Compassion - Case Western Reserve Weatherhead School of Management); Amanda Blake (author of Your Body is Your Brain); and Daniel Siegel (pioneer in the field of Interpersonal Neurobiology and author of more books than I can list here. Been a student of his work for the last 18 years.) among dozens of others.

Curious to learn more. Let's chat to explore!

David is proud to be serving as a coach for the Diploma in Social Innovation at the UN-Mandated University for Peace's Centre for Executive Education based in Costa Rica


Team retreats
train the trainer
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