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Cultivating collaborative capacity is at the heart of my work with organizations. When I collaborate with other consultants and facilitators I am able to magnify the impact of what we can provide for you. 

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Art Sherwood is on a mission is to ignite and fuel lifelong changemakers. He is the David Cole Professor of Entrepreneurship chair, Academic Program Director for Entrepreneurship and innovation at Western Washington University and an instruction team member for the Centre for Executive Education at the United Nations Established University for Peace. As a professor, he teaches and researches well-being and what it takes to build grit with a special focus on flourishing practices for lifelong change-making. He calls on the dynamic co-creation concepts and tools of strategy, design thinking, human-centered design, business and venture modeling, evidence-based entrepreneurship & innovation, liberating structures, creative problem solving, cooperation and self-leadership to facilitate and support emerging and existing change-makers, leaders, teams and organizations.  He is the co-founder of multiple ventures including his current work with and and is a co-owner of


Susan Howlett  has 40 + years worth of experience in the nonprofit sector, having served on many boards, and in executive director and development directors roles.. She has been a consultant to thousands of nonprofits across the continent. She is known for highly engaging sessions filled with humor, stories, interaction, and simple solutions to complex problems, She is the author of two award-winning books - Getting Funded and Boards on Fire. Susan has been lead faculty in a year-long fundraising program at the University of Washington since 1990 and speaks frequently, often keynoting regional or national conferences. 

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Kyla Shawyer has been leading transformational change in the global nonprofit sector for the past 14 years, most recently as CEO of the Resource Alliance and IFC (International Fundraising Congress), a vibrant community of global nonprofit fundraisers and change makers from across the social good ecosystem. Previously Kyla served as COO / SVP Global Fundraising & Marketing at leading INGO, Operation Smile, where she was responsible for both programs and resource mobilization, creating the organization’s first globally-integrated fundraising, marketing and communications strategy. By inspiring new ways of sharing, collaboration and harnessing collective power, Kyla’s track record shows just how to break down silos, connect with core values and unleash ideas, innovation and potential in every single person in the organization. Her extensive knowledge and work within the social impact sector now brings her to leading purpose driven, transformational culture change projects that seek to unify and ignite positive change in the social good space.


*Rebecca Stockley* is a co-founder of San Francisco’s BATS Improv and has been an improviser since the mid 1980s. Rebecca is a performer and teaches improv to people who want to perform, as well as teaching improv for interpersonal communications. The playful activities used to practice improvisation skills are invaluable skills for listening, adapting, and collaborating both on and offstage. A member of the Applied Improvisation Network (AIN), Rebecca is excited by the challenge of sharing engagement online. Her performances online can be viewed through

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Sara McMahon is an improviser, teacher, and facilitator who's been performing and teaching around the Seattle area for 15 years. She has facilitated workshops for elementary, middle, and high schools, tech companies, all-staff church and company retreats, couples, parent-child improv nights, and even mock trial teams. She tailors each workshop to the needs of the attendees, maximizing fun and connection. She believes that empathy is at the heart of both great improv and great relationships.


Kristine Baker is driven by a passion to empower people and teams to impact the world in meaningful ways.  She began her career as in elementary education, has spent the last 10 years managing university mentoring and entrepreneurship programs, has an MBA, and participated in Liberating Structures courses at Western Washington University.  She is also currently pursuing her Diploma in Social Innovation through the United Nations University for Peace's Centre for Executive Education.  Kristine believes the best solutions to our biggest challenges originate when people collaborate and share ideas.

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