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Deepening Connections: NOW is the Time

When you slow down to imagine what's possible, when you give yourself permission to dream, where do you see yourself in five years?

What are your Wild Hopes for your organization - the place where you have given so much of yourself?

Now you may be saying to yourself, hold on a second David, we are in a time of crisis, how can we dream?

I would say, how can we NOT dream?

For dreaming and having a north star is what fuels our journey.

It gives us direction and allows us to gather resources towards what matters.

And... I get it, many of us are trying to just get by in this time.

What I'm discovering that is emerging as a result, is the deep need for asking ourselves, What's important?

How will I spend my time?

How do I help direct my team's attention towards what matters?

And looking five years out!? Are you kidding me? Things are shifting every week at this point.

Yes, we don't know how the future will unfold.

And therefore it behooves us to ask, "What are those robust strategies, that will be efficacious no matter what emerges?

I would argue that NOW is the time for the robust strategy of deepening connections of trust and collaboration within our teams and with our organizations' key stakeholders.

Imagine sun, soil, water, air, seed..... all separate... Nothing happens.

When those connections happen though,

when the seed opens up in the soil,

when the decomposers do their work,

When the sun and rain add what they have to bring,

Life happens.


In this time of COVID-19 and physical distancing (misnamed "social distancing") we need to be creative about how we can not only remain socially connected, but actually deepen connections with others.

If you work for a non-profit, how can you deepen connections with your key stakeholders?

The photo at the top of this post is of a permaculture garden. I don't know a ton about permaculture, but what I do know is really inspiring.

Permaculture leverages the relationships between things.

Companion planting is a term that is all about being strategic with how and where you plant. Considering the relationship between (vs. just monocropping).

Also permaculture is about watching, noticing, listening....What do the plants tell us about the state of the soil?

Hmmmm, makes me think of how we could listen to our donors, our board members, our team members.

What would we hear? How could we adjust based on what we hear? And I would say - How would being heard impact our relationship with donors, board members, team members, volunteers?

And yes, how can you do that virtually?

Hint: Its not via webinar lectures, or an abundance of emails.

It's an opportunity to be seen and heard.

And when we are really thoughtful about how we design our virtual engagements, it can be done well and sustainably. Let's face it bad meetings in-person are now become worse online.

We have an opportunity, as Seth Godin puts it, "To make things better, by making better things."

Are you a nonprofit leader at any level?

If so... Join Susan Howlett and I next Thursday, May 28 from noon-1pm. We have co-designed and will be co-facilitating an interactive workshop together. Susan Howlett is nationally known nonprofit author and consultant (to literally thousands of nonprofits).

Amplify Engagement: Now is the Time to Amplify Engagement with your Key Stakeholders. May 28 noon-1pm

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We'd love to have you join us!

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Yes, it will be interactive and engaging!



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