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Are you a leader who loves to learn, grow, and develop?

Our times require us to grow in our leadership to be fit to face the complex challenges of our times.
We must do the inner work.

Join other leaders, coaches, learners in deep transformational (and at times playful) learning in this 3-session course

Join us this May for our 3-session course
Unlocking Your Potential: the Immunity to Change™ approach

facilitated by David Westerlund
Founder of Be Present Discover Joy
Consulting and Coaching

This course will be highly-interactive, taking time to build a robust learning container to enable us to dive into the Immunity to Change ™ (ITC) approach. Harvard's Robert Kegan and Lisa Lahey have developed ITC over twenty years of research in adult development. Why is it that even when we are committed to change that matters, we still find ourselves stuck?

The Nike motto falls short. It’s not a matter of Just Doing It. What we need is grow in our mental complexity. We need to discover our “immunity to change’’ - the hidden dynamics (that we each have a particular version of) - and then explore whether and how it’s still serving us or not.

What results is a new experience of agency and liberation. We can free ourselves from Big Assumptions that have been holding onto us, limiting what’s possible, and shift to expanding the possibilities that are now available to us!

This course is for you

if you want to:

Experience powerful virtual engagement with others that energizes

Learn the  Immunity to Change™ approach that will allow you to see the lens you are looking through

Explore whether your Big Assumptions are really as ''always true'' as you think they are

Bring your whole self - vulnerable and imperfect - to the conversations

Register Today!
Limited Early Bird spots available until April 14

May cohort - 3 sessions together:

Thursday, May 5

Session 1: Building our Learning Container and

Setting Your Improvement Goal

Thursday, May 12

Session 2: Creating Your Personalized Immunity Map and

Designing Tests of Your Big Assumption

Thursday, May 19

Session 3: Integrating Your Learning and

Setting Intentions for Possibility


9:30am-noon (US-Pacific)


"We wanted our spring staff retreat to truly get us out of our 'normal work mode' and that is exactly what David delivered. We were thrilled to have David join us and immediately he had everyone engaged and enjoying themselves! David has a knack for bringing a group of people together. We look forward to working with him in the future!"

- Nichole Oleson,

Director of Operations,

The Non-GMO Project

Your Facilitator

David designs and facilitates virtual, real-time, workshops, courses, and retreats that amplify engagement to unlock hidden resources within individuals and organizations.


David Westerlund

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David delights in listening to the aspirations of leaders and helping them unlock hidden resources by facilitating meaningful engagement.  This unleashes innovation, and leads to resilient, supportive, joyful, and agile workplace cultures that allow organizations to have greater momentum and impact towards their mission. His work as a consultant, facilitator, and coach is informed by the philosophy and practice of Liberating Structures and Applied Improvisation, both of which remind us that there is a lot of wisdom in the room, and amplify our ability to tap into that and experience collective synergy.


He believes that in order to solve the complex problems we are facing we must be collaborative and intentionally develop skills of presence, agility, and creativity. His clients include: United Way of King County, PeaceHealth, Roche, Skagit Valley College Foundation, Non-GMO Project, Bastyr University, Catholic Community Services, and the U.S.Dept. of Agriculture’s Center for Training and Development. 

Contact Us

David Westerlund

 Tel: 360-223-7548

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