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Facilitating meaningful engagement

Unlocking hidden resources by

"When David works with a group, it's like
having a warm breeze on a chilly day.
He brings an authentic openness and
transparency that invites others to do the same."

Dave Schrader, PhD/ Full Circle Group, The Leadership Circle / Senior Partner

Are you a leader who wants to intentionally learn, grow, and develop and wants the same for their team?


Who are you being invited to be and become

to engage with the complex challenges you face?

I've worked with leaders and teams in the Pacific NW, across the US, and internationally, including:

Team Retreats

Promoting connection, inspiration, resilience, reflection, imagination, and play.

Train-the-Trainer Workshops 

Bringing aliveness, energy, playfulness AND depth to your facilitation for lasting impact.

1:1 Leadership Coaching

Supporting director-level professionals who are juggling multiple stakeholder relationships, projects, personal life, and oh yeah - their own well-being.

Open Workshops and Courses

Designing and facilitating innovative, highly-engaging, and nourishing workshops and courses on Zoom. (Do you doubt that it's possible?  Come find out!

More Info Coming Soon

What’s possible?

I delight in unlocking hidden resources (that are within you and your team already) by facilitating meaningful engagement. What would you do with more resources? What would be made possible? What’s the impact you want to make, even and especially in these times?


Let’s find out together.

Please reach out if you’d like to chat.


©2021 David Westerlund

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