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"New in my role within a large organization and with a team who worked virtually across multiple states, I was quickly learning that my team had a distrust in leadership following a history of broken promises and expectations.  David offered thoughtful guidance in the development of our team retreats and he facilitated activities with our team that encouraged us to step out of our comfort zones and develop trust among each other. With David’s guidance, the team has successfully begun to rebuild trust, is working proactively to solve problems, and developing a respect for the strengths and contribution of each member. David’s thoughtful guidance, his knowledge and skills, and humor and encouragement were a gift to our team when we needed it most. We look forward to continuing to work with David as our team continues to grow and develop together."

- Denise Wiseman, PhD
Founder and Chief Community Manager, PX Community,
former System Director of Patient Experience

Peace Health

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