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You have what you need already

Imagine Soil. Air. Water. Seeds. Sun

All separate.

All in their own silos.

The magic happens when they come together; when they interact in particular ways.

So the potency lies not just in their own individual qualities, but in the quality of their interactions with each other.

What if you already have all that you need in your business? What if you already have all that you need in your school?

Leaders usually focus their attention on improving the quality of individuals. The find it frustrating and emotionally painful to deal with how individuals or groups interact with one another and therefore frequently avoid addressing frictions or conflicts... Yet to build a high-performing organization, the quality of the interactions between people is at least as important as the quality of the people themselves, if not more so. (Henri Lipmanowicz and Keith McCandless, The Suprising Power of Liberating Structures

If this is true that there is latent potential, untapped resources then the question becomes:

"How is that we notice, tap into, and realize the resources that are already within reach? How do we tap into the Collaborative Intelligence of our team?"

Well, there's so much to said about this. I'll come back to this in future posts. AND for now here's some illustrative creativity and brilliance from Karen, Julie, and the stellar team at Deeper Funner Change.

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