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the Worst Result Imaginable

How can we make sure this house does NOT survive a hurricane? Instead of going for the best outcome, let's imagine that we are aiming at the worst possible outcome.

If we are in nonprofit world, how can we make sure that we have LOTS of turnover? Or that we are stuck in fear of not having enough? Or how can we make sure that we are NOT listening to the populations we serve?

In the medical field, how can we make sure that we operate on the WRONG side of a patient? Or how can we make sure that WRONG prescriptions get filled.

Though initially these questions seem silly they are actually a creative way to stop counterproductive activities and make space for innovation.

1. Make a list of how to achieve the worst outcome, and then

2. look at the list and ask with each item, "Is there anything that we are currently doing that in any way, shape, or form resembles this item?’.

3. Ask yourself (or selves) what first steps can we take to help stop these undesirable results?

This method, known as TRIZ, is one of many Liberating Structures that are simple and powerful tools that give teams new ways of engaging with each other around complex problems.

In brief these steps are employed - AND there are structures for how the space is arranged, participation is distributed, groups are configured.

So let's circle back to last week's blog post. Assuming that there is collaborative potential to be tapped into, and assuming that the leader has a top objective to increase collaboration, trust, and potency of her team, using TRIZ, we could ask,

"How do we make sure we DO NOT notice, tap into, and realize the resources that are already within reach? How do we make sure we DO NOT tap into the Collaborative Intelligence of our team?"

Take a few minutes and play around with this question with the steps above. What did you come up with? I'd love to hear.

Next week I'm going to be a part of the first ever Global Gathering of Liberating Structures Practitioners in Seattle. 300 people from 50 countries and 6 continents who are dedicated to "including and unleashing everyone" to engage with complex problems in any and every field of human endeavor.

Here's are four people I've recently begun a connection with who utilize Liberating Structures, do Amazing Work, and I'll get to meet at the LS Global Gathering. Yes I LOVE PEOPLE. And when People, Ideas that Matter, and a posture presence, generosity, curiousity get together - LOOK OUT! New possibilities that matter will Emerge!

Katy Grennier - (Sydney and everywhere) CEO of DSIL - "How we develop as humans is the key to innovation in the systems we work and live in."

Art Sherwood - (Bellingham, WA) Founder of Innovate68 -

"We work with you to unleash entrepreneurship and innovation by design for you, your team and your venture or university."

Karen Dawson - (Calgary) CoFounder of Deeper Funner Change -

"Deeper Funner Change helps teams and organizations thrive in our rapidly changing world. 21st Century ways of working are learnable. We show you how."

Kathleen Bright - (London) The link is to her blog. We've been chatting about well-being and how to Build/Unlock resilience YES in Individuals AND in organizations. She's "Enthusiastic about wellbeing, communication, the internet, creativity, dancing, words, plant-based nutrition and always learning"

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