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Interactive Workshops that Connect and Inspire

I invite you to take a few moments for some deep breaths.

I'll join you....


Three weeks ago, I woke up on a Saturday morning and my heart was with the nonprofits, communities, and people of Seattle who were already beginning social distancing. ( I serve on a amazing nonprofit board that serves nonprofits mainly in the Seattle Area: AFPAdvancementNW. )

And the idea came to me to collaborate with my friend and colleague, Kyla Shawyer, to create a workshop for nonprofit leaders that warmly oriented people to not just Zoom tech basics, but more importantly the power and importance and urgency of cultivating greater engagement in this time. We planned on doing a small test run on March 18 with some friends...and then we realized that time was of the essence.

We committed to doing it, before we had it fully designed.

And I'm SO glad we did.

Intimate connection is possible and powerful, even with large groups. The power of the breakout room! - recent participant

Thanks to ALL of you who came and gave your generous presence in this time. I'm very grateful. AND thanks for your feedback that has allowed us to Improve what we Bring to you.

David and Sara's workshop is engaging, healing, and heartwarming. - Rebecca Stockley - a founding member of BATS improv theatre in San Francisco

WARNING: These are NOT traditional Webinar lectures.

These are interactive workshops, designed that way on purpose because when we interact:

1. We are more deeply thoughtful about the subject matter in order to share our thoughts.

2. We are more alive when we are engaged with others

3. When we are engaged and interact, we form bonds of connection, that are especially needed in this time.

4. The complex issues we face are not solved by an isolated lone genius; complex and changing problems must be addressed collaboratively.

5. Interacting and relating are skills we can develop like muscles. We can't learn tennis through reading a book or listening to a lecture, we must practice it with others. .So too, with the skill of relating. With practice we get better and better at being present, being supportive, being generous. (And add to this - learning to relate in an online environment.)

This is an opportune time we find ourselves in, when things are more fluid. It's the perfect time to learn, to adjust, to ask ourselves what's important, and to cherish what and who matter to us.

I'm honored to have this opportunity to facilitate with some wonderful colleagues more workshops in coming weeks. Please read below AND Spread the Word!


"LOCATION": - ALL ON Zoom. Zoom link provided after registration.

FACILITATED BY: Me and One of my Awesome Collaborators!


A. I will have some that will continue to be FREE.

B. Some will be Pay what you Can Afford / What it's Worth to You. In this time of crisis some people are being hit hard financially; some people still have a steady paycheck. (I'm figuring things out, as I go. So...if you have the cash, please pay to allow me to enable to continue to bring these valuable interactive workshops).

C. Some Workshops/Multi-session courses will have an Early Bird Rate, and then Full Rate. (We will be announcing one of these 3-session workshops early next week!)

Upcoming Interactive Workshops

click here for more info and to register or on the hyperlinked titles below.

Tuesday, March 31

noon-1pm PST / 3-4pm EST

In this time of increased anxiety and flux, it's important that we show up for each other and provide a supportive environment for others to do so. Play and laughter actually shift our cognition out of the amygdala and into the neocortex, where we are able to connect and feel joy.

Thursday, April 2

noon-1pm PST / 3-4pm EST

Co-facilitator Kyla Shawyer

In this time of "social distancing" how do our organizations stay connected, communicative, and collaborative? In this engaging and interactive workshop our Purpose is for you to EXPERIENCE THE POSSIBILITIES for ENGAGEMENT within Zoom. Less tech, more experience engagement.

Tuesday, April 7

noon-1pm PST / 3-4pm EST

Co-facilitator: Billy Tierney

In this time of increased anxiety and flux, it's important that we show up for each other and provide a supportive environment for others to do so. Play and laughter actually shift our cognition out of the amygdala and into the neocortex, where we are able to connect and feel joy.

Tuesday, April 14

noon-1pm PST / 3-4pm EST

Co-facilitator Astrid Pruitt

Fear and Anxiety can easily get out of control during this time of flux and uncertainty. In this interactive workshop we will playfully reveal and shift our relationship with those things that keep us up in the night using some Liberating Structures in our design (as per usual!)

Thursday, April 23

noon-1:30pm PST / 3-4:30pm EST

Co-facilitator: Peter Drury

NOTE - This is an AFP/Advancement NW event...More info here.

Cultivating the core muscle of listening is vital to our donor relationships, to the health of our nonprofit organizations, and to our fundraising community. In this time of increased isolation, a welcoming, supportive presence makes a significant impact.

What keeps us from listening with our full selves? How can we strengthen our skills in listening and presence? This online lunchtime session will be an interactive and engaging learning opportunity for everyone who could use help centering and focusing ourselves.

Please spread the Word. And re-post.

In these past two weeks we've had people from all over the US, and Montreal, Paris, the UK, India, Russia, and Australia!

To be human is to be in community - Wendell Berry

With a grateful heart,


David Westerlund

Bellingham, Washington

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