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Don't Pay Attention

An often quoted poem and favorite of mine:

Instructions on Living a Life by Mary Oliver

Instructions on Living a Life

Pay attention.

Be astonished.

Tell about it.

Do you want to live a life of attention, wonder, and telling?

Try this. Ask yourself How can I make sure that I DON'T pay attention, live without wonder, and don't tell others? Make a list of all the ways.

Go back through the list and ask ''In any way, shape, or form am I doing these things?". Circle those things.

Then ask yourself, ''Why do I do that thing? And Why? Why? Why? etc. drilling down to the bottom of the belief. Likely we have other competing commitments that keep us from attention, wonder, and telling. Are there things you can stop to make space for attention and wonder?

This week I'm at the Liberating Structures Global Gathering in Seattle. 300 of us are together - paying attention to what emerges when we come together. The post above references the TRIZ and 9 Whys Liberating Structures.

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