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What have you been avoiding?
And what might be possible if you shifted from avoiding to facing?

Join David Westerlund and Bridget Mullins
Sept 23   8:30-10am PST
for a free workshop to explore together.

Let's Face it Together - an interactive workshop


What have you been avoiding? What feels sticky or stuck? What consistently shows up on your to-do list but never gets crossed off? Why aren't you facing it? And how might you shift from avoiding to facing!?


In this 90-minute session, we’ll explore these questions through a Liberating Structures (LS) string that will bring some levity, connection, and insight to this (highly relatable) dynamic. Our purpose: to tap into social support to help us start shifting from avoiding to facing AND to begin to imagine what might be made possible when the avoiding energy is released.


David Westerlund and Bridget Mullins are consultants, facilitators, LS practitioners, and improv play enthusiasts. Eight weeks ago, they started an experiment, along with Sara McMahon, to FACE something together. The journey was so profound and enjoyable that it prompted the creation of this session. Now, it’s your turn. Come ready to imagine a future where you’re regularly facing instead of avoiding, and doing so with the bolstering, curious, and wise support of others.

Register Today for this FREE workshop!

Friday, Sept 23

8:30-10am PST (Seattle)

11:30-1pm EST (Pittsburgh)


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David Westerlund

Bridget Mullins

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David Westerlund

 Tel: 360-223-7548

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