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David facilitates retreats and workshops using applied improv because it's a potent way to embody a different way of being together. This pays dividends for the health and resilience of your workplace teams.  "What we practice at a small scale can reverberate to the largest scale. (Adrienne Maree Brown)".


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"David has been an incredible partner in helping to plan and facilitate several of our AFP Advancement Northwest board meetings this year. His thoughtful, compassionate and FUN approach has helped to provide grounding and purpose to our discussions, as well as invigorate sometimes challenging conversations. David has also been an incredible guide as our organization has pivoted to hosting meetings and programs virtually. Not only is he able to help clarify and articulate the big picture goals, he is able to advise on tools for generative conversations and meaningful decision-making. Thank you, David, for being you!"

 - Abbey Norris, Board President,

Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP) - Advancement Northwest 


The climate of your workplace can be safe, energizing, and supportive; or it can be a place where tensions run high, people feel deflated, and we are being blocked at every turn.

When our work teams have high trust, our costs (in every way) come down, and we actually begin to produce fresh energy that fosters creativity, collaboration, and optimal performance.

My workshops foster a climate of presence, focus, play, trust, and joy.

When we experience this embodied learning in a microcosm of a workshop, seeds are planted for this present, joyous way of being to globalize into our day-to-day worklife. This makes our organizations more resilient. And resilience is vital in our time.

I'd love to talk with you to discuss whether my workshop could be a good fit for your organization.


Be Present. Discover Joy. Build Resilience.

— David



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