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Facilitating meaningful engagement

We unlock hidden resources by

Remember when we could gather together like in the photo above?

We are living in uncertain times to say the least. The people we lead and we ourselves are isolated and disconnected, anxious, and we are feeling the layers of loss.


Gone are the days where we only bring our cognitive selves to our work. Gone are the days when we can ignore what our body is telling us and just push our way through. Gone are the days where we make long-range plans and try to eliminate uncertainty and ambiguity at every turn.  How do you feel about this change? Is it unsettling? For most of us it is.


In times of uncertainty the strategies that are robust are the ones that will be helpful no matter what happens. 


I believe that we are being called upon to cultivate a new way of being that is resilient, curious, vulnerable, supportive, collaborative, and has the ability to face loss, grieve, and move forward.


I believe that we all know what we need deep down, we just aren’t in touch with it because there are some big obstacles in the way.

My work is about seeing this unique moment in history as a huge opportunity to face things that are being revealed and uncovered.


It’s about carving out and creating intentionally-designed space and time together to notice, cultivate fresh agency both individually and collectively to move towards possibility to create this new world that is yet to emerge.

What’s possible?


And here’s a secret -  There is SO much that is possible in the virtual environment. Zoom fatigue is real, but it’s misnamed. Sure, some of it is screen fatigue. But much of it is fatigue from lack of engagement, lack of depth, lack of play, lack of meaning, lack of imagination.


I delight in unlocking hidden resources (that are within you and your team already) by facilitating meaningful engagement. What would you do with more resources? What would be made possible? What’s the impact you want to make, even and especially in these times?


Let’s find out together.

Please reach out if you’d like to chat.

Stay Tuned for Future Offerings of our Resilience Course for Nonprofit Leaders

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